Innovative & Passionate Software Development

We’re creating new social technology focused around our consumers…

Remote Team

Our team work entirely remotely, developing team-building skills and meeting new people every day!

All of our products are made by teenagers, creating products we want to use and see and providing a great learning experience…

All of our products are made with our users in mind, creating a consumer-driven experience for our players & customers… 


What is it that we’re actually making?

Social Software

Building Connections, Making Friends. raterr is a new, beautiful and fresh Social Network focused around privacy

Minecraft Server


We re-opened a server shut in 2016, allowing for players to re-create experiences they had…

Minecraft Server


The first product we’ve made, opening a highly popular server with our own unique twists and turns…

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Service Uptime & Performance Reliability

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Unique Users & Customers since 2017

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Made by teenagers


Different Nationalities within our team

Work with us!

Corporate & raterr

We’re constantly looking for new members of our standalone product branch, helping in Software Development, Operations and Logisticics!

Check Job Openings

Minecraft Servers

We’re often looking for volunteers to help out moderate our servers! Each server has its own staff team (though we do talk to each other!!)

Check the Forums site of the server you’re wanting to apply for to see vacancies!

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